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2013 Annual Calendar of Psalms and Hymns

December 13, 2012

Dear Brothers,

Dr. Terry Johnson, the Senior Minister of the historic Independent Presbyterian Church in Savannah, Georgia, has for many years produced an annual calendar of Psalms and hymns for the use of his congregation on the Lord’s Day. You will find a decade’s worth of them here. By creating the calendar, Terry is trying to assure that his congregation gets a regular yearly diet of the very best hymns from the Reformed evangelical Protestant English-speaking tradition and is annually engaged widely and deeply by and with the whole of the Bible’s songbook, the Psalms. This is a tremendous pastoral resource for ministers who want to improve the sung praise of their congregations, and to make sure that God’s Word in the Psalter is not neglected in the weekly singing of the local church.

Each calendar comes with a short introduction as to its design and purpose for the year. Following the introduction a listing is given, arranged by month and week, of the Psalm reading and appropriate hymn for the service. In addition, each calendar has listings for both morning and evening services. At the end of the weekly listing is a list of other Psalms and hymns that can be used to supplement your service.

The 2013 Calendar of Psalms and Hymns is offered here.

Here are the Calendars that Terry Johnson has created for past years, in PDF format.
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