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Nick Batzig – New Covenant (Richmond Hill, Ga)

December 23, 2009

Nick is a church planter in the Savannah, Georgia area. His sermons can be heard here and here as well as a wealth of information that he has produced can be accessed here.

Many know Reverend Batzig from Reformed Forum, Christ the Center or Feeding on Christ. He was recently featured in the Aquila Report that picked the article from the Savannah Morning News. The full article is here.

Nick is an indispensable resource for our Reformed community and makes himself available often if any are interested in picking his brain.

No one is really quite sure where he graduated from and how many degrees he has at this moment or how many he is working on and if you know; or how large his library truly is, he’d prefer you keep that to yourself.

Soli Deo Gloria!

Merry Christmas!

Dates to Remember

2010 Twin Lakes Fellowship

April 6-8, AD 2010

Terry Johnson has been providing this outstanding resource, a schedule of hymns and Psalms, (if Link doesn’t work, email me at jespinosa at gmail dot com) to the Fellowship for a number of years. He has prepared a carefully constructed, systematic plan for singing through the best of the hymns and metrical Psalms. Included in this is also a plan to learn a greater number of the metrical Psalms. Take, use, and benefit from Terry’s labors.

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